Concour Sainte-Justine

November 30th, 2013

The voting period for the Sing for Sainte-Justine with Céline Dion has now begun! Singers from across the country have come together and united their voices for the children of Sainte-Justine. And one of Our Ottawa Elementary school is participating with many others,

It is now time for you to make your own voice heard by voting for your favourite choirs.

École élémentaire catholique Reine-des-Bois

Until April 30th,

visit the video gallery and vote!

 Choirs have a chance to win prizes,including the opportunity to sing with Celine Dion at a private CHU Sainte-Justine event in 2014.With every vote, you will be making a $5 donation which will entirely go to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation. you are therefore offering Canada’s largest mother-child university hospital center the means to always heal more children, always better.

**On behalf of future mothers and future generations, thank you for your generosity**